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Pacc 9-1-1 Uniting the Pet rescue Community

Photos featured in Phoenix Dog Magazine Cover story (2018 Jan/Feb issue)

PACC911 is an exceptional local organization that was featured in the January/February issue the Phoenix Dog Magazine.  Through her vision, PACC911 founder Bari Mears helps local animal welfare organizations in collaborating on their rescue and adoption efforts. The organization has a multi-prong approach to providing resources which includes fundraising, education, medical assistance and pet food bank. They host pan-rescue adopt-a-thons throughout the year - events that have gained significant visibility overtime where high volume of pet adoptions speaks to the success of PACC911 mission. To learn more about PACC911 and how they aid animal welfare throughout Arizona, visit their website and please donate.


2017 AZ Monsoon Gallery Gallery - AZ Central

Our resident model Penny loves to play in water.  We often take her to flood-irrigated areas and let her have her fun. On this particular day, a local favorite Mitchel dog park , was flooded after a spectacular monsoon soaker the day before. The camera also came with us so we were able to capture the joy Penny gets zipping back and forth the flooded field.