How do I know Flash & Hound is the right photography company for me?

To us, pet photography is an art form. We specialize in modern and clean photography look and feel. Our sessions are conducted in studio and on-location (indoor or outdoor) spaces so we are mobile, flexible and versatile.

Where is your studio?

We operate out of our home studio just south of Old Town Scottsdale. The address will be shared with you after the session is booked.

Studio vs on-location sessions. How do I choose?

Regardless of where we conduct the session, our primary goal is to capture the personality of your pet and if you choose to participate in the session, the special bond you share with your beloved animal. Outdoor sessions in Arizona are dependent on outside temperatures and are limited to cooler months (generally, Sept-May). Outdoor sessions are ideally scheduled at sunrise and sunset hours to accommodate for softer lighting, less shadowing and cooler temperatures. Studio sessions can be scheduled anytime, including weekends.

Do I have to be in the pictures with my pet?

The short answer is “No”. But you absolutely can if you want to. We often hear “well, I don’t want to have my face shown in the picture”. That is OK! We can highlight the human-canine (or other animal) bond in unique and creative ways that do not require featuring your face.. That is what we are good at! We can accommodate you the best we can by creatively crafting your session around your vision.

What can I do to prepare myself and my pet for the photo session?

We have written a detailed blog post on what steps our clients can take to prepare for an upcoming session. You may find it here.

What can I expect during the photo session?

Please give yourself enough time to arrive to your session, at least 10 min early. We will spend ~15 minutes getting to know you and our model and going over the photoshoot details. Our home studio comes with a large backyard which they can use to release any residual nervous energy. We kindly ask you to not raise your voice in disciplining your pet during the photoshoot. In our experience, it just makes the models more nervous. If there are multiple owners, please only designate one to give commands. Often, we just have the owners relax and enjoy the session while we take over the model posing as the photoshoot progresses.

How will the images be used by Flash and Hound Pet Photography?

Flash and Hound Pet Photography is the sole owner of the images and we hold the copyright to the artwork we create. You do not have the permission to sell, alter and reproduce the images or to use the images for financial gain of any kind, including social media influencing for a product that was used in the session. Please submit a commercial inquiry if that is the goal for your photography session. Flash and Hound Pet Photography reserves the right to use any artwork we create for our self promotion including but not limited to publishing on our website, blog and social media outlets. If a commercial enterprise wants to purchase one of our images (either digital or print) featuring your pet, you will be sent a courtesy notification. Flash and Hound Pet Photography does not release RAW image files to its clients.

How may I use the images?

After your session, you will be provided with a curated and color corrected image gallery from which you can select your favorites and purchase the high resolution image package. The “best of” low resolution watermarked gallery will be posted on our Facebook page shortly after you make your selection. Images provided to you from your photo session are for personal use only unless otherwise specified and agreed upon by the Photographer. For most clients, the following will be true: 1) low resolution watermarked images - OK to share on social media from our Facebook gallery, 2) high resolution watermarked images - OK to print through Zenfolio (our source) or another printing lab, NOT OK to share digitally. If this does not apply to you, please make it a point to have a discussion regarding image use with the Photographer prior to your session. All clients are bound by Flash and Hound Terms and Conditions upon hire and beginning in July 2019 all clients will be asked to sign a release form.